Things to Think of When Laying Tile

To improve their rooms with unique patterns and durable flooring, people use ceramic tiles and it doesn’t take long to achieve the effect they want.

Where and why you should choose tile for your floors:

Before laying the tile floor, you definitely need a little thorough pre-planning. What kind of ceramic tile do you want? If you’ve looked at the hundreds of different options available, both locally and online, you know that the decision will not be an easy one. You can narrow down the options by deciding on the color, texture and appearance that interest you. Next, you need to check the durability factor. Tiles are given robust ratings that you can use to help you decide. Determine how much traffic you will receive in the area and select a block with the corresponding classification.

Another thing to decide before you start to put tile floor is the color of the mortar you want to use on the mosaic. There are dozens of different colors to choose from, whether to accentuate or match the floor you are using. What you choose will have a big impact on the appearance of the finished floor, so choose carefully. You will also need to purchase high quality bonding material, cement mortar, sealant and some type of tile saw. You can check with your local rental company to see if you can rent the equipment you need. You will also need a hammer, measuring tape, notched trowel, safety glasses and a flat level.

Before you begin, you need to check the condition of the floor you plan to lay. Since there is a lot of moisture in a bathroom or kitchen that can damage existing water floors, you need to make sure that the subfloor is strong enough to support the weight of a ceramic floor. If the floor bends when stepping on it, it will be necessary to support it before laying the tile. If you let it bend even more, the mortar will die later.

You will also need to create the model you want to use when laying your tiles. Do you only want straight lines of tiles or do you want a more complex pattern? It is a good idea to plan what you want on grid paper before trying to turn your idea into a floor. The decisions here will also include the size of the tile you want to use. Ceramic tiles come in various sizes from 1 “to 2 ‘and the most commonly used tiles are in the 1 to 2 foot range. For a larger area, larger sizes will look better. You will find out if you try to tile a large space with tiles small, the floor will look very busy.

There are many things to consider before trying to coat your home. The job is not just to put the glue on and release the tiles, and the more time you spend pre-planning your floor, the happier you will be with the final result.